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creates brand equity & goodwill

Identify what problems VET can solve for our customers: Why are we here? What can we do for you?

State of the Art

Mobility & IOT

  • We will utilize state of the art mobility technologies for asset tracking and fleet management, constant process and cost improvement/security. Drone inventory and delivery with logistics software - border compliance.

Dedicated Headcount

Relationship Management

  • Our customers will get to know our drivers on a first name basis as they will be rewarded for high customer service marks and relationship building. We will work to personalize the service of delivery in our HR policies and compensation.

Buying Patterns

Predictive Forecasting

  • We will do predictive forecasting by analyzing past trips and customer experiences.
  • We will do trend analysis and help our customers manage their end users via superior delivery experience business predictive forecasting and information about their customers.
  • Leverage our partner strength with regional support from DSMs

Smart "Niche"


  • Our focus is to provide premium service to all of our customers
  • Strong account management on receivables and margins will fuel our company for expansion and long term sustainability
  • Low capital cost and OPEX efficiency will ensure quality returns


New Accounts

  • Quality website with video testimonies will help sales
  • Strong product management team and marketing
  • Software demonstrations will help new prospective customers see themselves
  • Corporate branding will highlight the VET Logistics difference projects - ask about them and help solve a problem.

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